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My name is Alan Kendle and I have Aphantasia, SDAM and dyslexia as well, I wanted to learn more about having aphantasia as I initially struggled to understand.

 I started writing to define my thoughts and ended up writing a book, which has contributions from others with Aphantasia where we describe and explain experiences.

link to the book


The book describes the experience and explains how the condition appears for some of those like me that have it. When I found out I had this condition I had not even heard of before I immediately thought we would experience the same thing. But it appears we possible have a unique one.

one thing I need to say I felt on my own when I first found out I had a condition with a name I struggled to pronounce and spell but because of Facebook I quickly realised I was not on my own and joined the few Facebook groups that are out there. The people in those groups are brilliant and help so much so if you feel you have aphantasia please do join and take part in the discussions that occurπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘Œβœ…

New podcast on aphantasia


one thing to mention, what is Aphantasia ? a condition, a disability to be honest I am not really sure, I have meet some people that have been in no way disadvantaged from having Aphantasia so possibly the question I think is why not? as I kind of expected we would have been.

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more learning

I always want to learn and understand more than I do now so this website is my journey to find my way and sharing as I do.

Wikipedia is usually a good place to start


But it is limited on details as the knowledge is still being written and people are only just really starting to understand learn what aphantasia means to these that have it.

I should add because I have used the name aphantasia where has it come from? the story behind the name is written in the book.

If you are not sure what aphantasia is all about this youtube clip should help


still it's like we are only at the start of understanding conditions like Aphantasia, I know all my 5 senses are affected, not in how I experience them in real time, but how I can recall and remember them.

SDAM is possibly a new term for most people viewing this website, little is really understood about this condition so I will try and share what I know to help others, who like me are possibly still trying to get to grips with itπŸ€”πŸ˜ƒ

it is a challenge to explain even in real life the conditions that only occur in your mind, even basic things like where do you see the visualisations are difficult,

Aphantasia - taste an experience

often I will ask questions, or suggest thoughts taste as a sensory experience is something I am still trying to understand

Aphantasia and objects

Youtube video on my channel when I think and talk about objects in my world